Trailer: Love Season 2

The dysfunctional relationship between Mickey and Gus continues.

In a world where two wrongs try and make a right, the lives of a radio producer with issues Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and a clumsy tutor to the TV stars Gus (Paul Rust) launch into the next level of confusion and lust with the drop of Netflix’s Love season 2 trailer.

In season 1, Mickey and Gus’s polar-opposite lives cross after a by-chance meeting at a fuel station. From there, the rebellious life of Mickey starts to chisel away at the squeaky clean living of Gus, who doesn’t take too many risks and plays everything by the book. By the end of the first season, they eventually give in to their unusual bond.

In the new trailer to season 2, we see our favourite love-birds together, but with Mickey’s uncertainty due to her nymphomaniac ways, and Gus’ ‘do-right’ attitude, their relationship is put to the test. There’s even some extra people popping up in Judd Apatow and Rust’s show, such as David Spade – though unsure of his character role.

Even before season 2 hits the internets, Netflix has renewed Love for a third season. This is definitely a great sign that the second season may be a rip-snorter.

Love – Season 2, starts March 10 on Netflix.



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