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Hold the phone – mysteries just hit the internets in peak form.

In the years where dedicated documentaries that get you binge-watching on Netflix are the norm, the production company behind the crime documentary classic has hit the internets for consummation.

In the mid 1980s, Actor and stern-voice narrator Robert Stack presented a 1 hour length TV series called Unsolved Mysteries. Each episode would cover unsolved crime cases, mysteries, urban legends, supernatural stories and many more, all re-enacted with compelling story telling and a haunting theme. When first screened, the general public would contact the show for any tip-offs or even guilty parties would turn themselves in. If a case was solved, they would usually follow up with an Update in a future episode. Later on in syndication, the “updates” would be on the tail end of the repeated case.

Stack hosted the show for a few seasons, but the show itself jumped around networks, with reboots, specials and even a new host with Actor Dennis Farina taking helm. Sadly, both have since passed away.

In the early 2000s, DVD boxsets were released as compilations, and eventually a large boxset was also released with most episodes intact. This set is now out of print and hard to find.

Now, you can relive full episodes of Unsolved Mysteries online, but in two forms:

Unsolved Mysteries – The Robert Stack era – Season 1 and Season 2 are now available to stream via Amazon Prime Video, depending on your country. According to the Official Unsolved Mysteries Facebook page, more of the Robert Stack era is set to come.

Unsolved Mysteries – The Dennis Farina era – Seasons 1 – 8 are also up on Amazon Prime, but, are also available for free on YouTube in glorious HD.


Do yourself a favour and subscribe while having the original theme playing. It gives it more of a creepy feel…

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