Steve Martin’s Masterclass

Comedy legend Steve Martin wants to teach you comedy.

For decades, Steve Martin has performed to the world through stand-up, TV and movies. Other than playing banjo and hosting Saturday Night Live so many times, Martin has reached out to his fan base and do the next best thing to appear on his ever-extensive CV – teach comedy.

But how can this happen? “He’s based in the U.S. and I live not in the U.S.!”

In the modern era of technology, Martin is going to be teaching his comedy classes online.

Through the web portal of MasterClass, Martin will be producing more than 25 video lessons, demonstrating the craft of tickling a stranger’s rib-cage, or someone with two brains.

Pre-enrollments are at a cost of $90US, but you know you’re going to get quality teachings from the star of The Pink Panther, Looney Tunes: Back In Action, Jiminy Glick in Lalawood and The Big Year.

Just don’t lose your shit when he critiques your work and you don’t agree with him.





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