Hank Azaria rattles off his Simpsons voices to Stern

In true publicity form whenever you need to promote your TV show, you head straight for the radio shows… and this is exactly what Hank Azaria has done.

On a tour to discuss his new IFC sports themed show Brockmire – about a sports announcer trying to reclaim his career in commentary – Azaria popped up on The Howard Stern Show for a friendly chat.

Naturally, you probe any star of The Simpsons to rattle off a few voices they are known to do over last 30 years, as well as a bit of background on how each voice came about.

You can read and hear more of Azaria’s chat on The Howard Stern Show here.

Until they end up slapping it with a geo-block or delete it after the hype dies down, you can watch the first episode in full via IFC’s YouTube channel – free.


No word whether Australia will receive the show, but it’ll probably pop up on a streaming service, no doubt.



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