Watch: First 100 Days – Simpsons Style

Mmm! That’s good satire!

The world’s favourite animated family aren’t shy to poke the political beast once in a while. Over 28 years, The Simpsons have given most (if not, all) U.S. Presidents have had ribbings on both sides.

In the latest edition of said ribbings, the world of The Simpsons take a poke at U.S. President Donald T.Rump’s first 100 days in the title role.

In the viral video, T.Rump’s up-front team all cop a dosage of Simpsonizing – White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer looking a little worse-for-wear, Counselor Kellyanne Conway doing what she should be doing now and ‘doing a runner’, constantly role-changer Steve Bannon looking … umm… – and even first daughter Ivanka Trump flashing her commercial-wares.


The sad part of this satire is, that it’s borderline realistic.




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