Deadwood cast tease potential movie

The tease for the potential movie for HBO’s western series continues.

From 2004 to 2006, HBO showed a fantastic period drama called Deadwood, which showed how the infamous gold-mining town came to fruition. Iconic real-life characters Wild Bill Hickok, Sheriff Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), Saloon Owner Al Swearagen (Ian McShane), Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp and many others featured either in full form or a homage of some fictional sort. 36 episodes were produced through 3 seasons, but it copped the axe due to production costs. However, the show developed a major cult following after DVD releases gave it a new lease in life.


For years, fans have been vouching for a return for the show, or at least a movie of some sort. Though nothing has really developed, and the sets were pulled down on the private land the show was filmed on, everything has been speculation.

And so is this…

Duel character actor Garrett Dillahunt, who played no-good slum Jack McCall – the murderer of Wild Bill Hickok, as well as businessman Francis Wolcott (don’t ask, just watch it), stated in 2015 on Twitter that a film is looking possible:

So, that’s “Hearsay Number 1”.

Fast forward to April 2017, and while for years, Al Swearagen player Ian McShane mentions in an interview that a movie script from the hand of creator David Milch has made it’s way to HBO, and “blame HBO” if the movie doesn’t get made.

So, that’s “Hearsay Number 2”.

Now, W. Earl Brown, who plays Saloon worked Dan Dority, claims on Twitter in May 2017 that he’s read the supposed Deadwood movie script.

So, that’s “Hearsay Number 3”.

Now, until HBO officially mention that a movie will be made, we’ll just have to keep watching those tweets and observing more interviews of the cast.



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