Watch: Hot Wheels Stunt Race

This is definitely a Hot Wheels race of epic proportion.

As a child, we often got carried away during playtime with our toys and imagine a whole new world of make-believe.

Now, you’re a man-child, and you have the power and time to re-create your imagination.

YouTuber and science nerd Mark Rober teamed up with the people at 23andMe to create a visually stunning car race using Hot Wheels cars. But not just any type of Hot Wheels cars. He’s channeled his inner-80s fandom and used Knight Rider’s KITT, Scooby Doo’s The Mystery Machine wagon, The A Team’s GMC van, Ghostbusters’ ECTO-1 and Back To The Future’s DeLorean to have an epic stunt race – around his home.

Using a bunch of GoPros and clever filming techniques, Rober’s Hot Wheels race shows off visually amazing feats which gives your inner-child the fuel to explode and play with your toys.

Honestly, who else has not envisioned what it would be like to be shrunken down to size and drive a Hot Wheel? Or at least see it POV?

Check out more at Rober’s Facebook page.



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