Jerry Seinfeld is not a Hugger

Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t like hugging strangers – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Funny guy who made his millions making a show about nothing Jerry Seinfeld loves a good chat – but as long as you don’t touch him.

Walking on the red carpet for a charity event developed by the David Lynch Foundation, headline star Seinfeld was having a chat with radio announcer Tommy McFly about something to do with being tired all the time, when he was approached by pop songstress Kesha… who was fan-girling big time.

Sure, she may have interrupted the interview, but what happens next, with Kesha innocently violating Seinfeld’s personal space, a request for a hug was politely rejected.


With Kesha’s brush with the cold shoulder and a walk off, Seinfeld laughed off the hug-less moment, but wished her well with her hugging future. Which is perfectly fine. Because if you don’t want to hug a total stranger, why start now?

I’m sure Kesha wandered off into the crowd and received a cuddle from someone else who thought she might deserve one. Maybe she should’ve done the airport greeting instead.



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