Indian PM’s Imperial March

There is a disturbance in The Force.

One not to shy away from dominance, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just hit peak-geek.

Talking on stage to a large crowd for the Institute of Chartered Accountants on Saturday, Modi spoke about the introduction to GST (Galactic credit Standard Goods and Services Tax), which can be a very lame and crappy to promote.

It’s a new tax. What’s so enjoyable about new taxes and more paperwork?

To stop his audience trailing off into the distance, Modi stepped it up a notch.

As Modi wrapped up his speech, his ‘mic drop’ played over the P.A. System – the Imperial March from Star Wars.

That’s an … impressive! … way to promote a new tax to the country, without the Rebel Alliance attacking the Death Star.

See Modi’s full speech below. (The Imperial March is around 1 hour 9 minutes in)

Darth Vader wants his royalty cheque now.




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