Norm MacDonald Live returns

Turd Ferguson is back with more episodes.

Saturday Night Live alumni and buddy of the Adam Sandler clique Norm MacDonald is returning to the powers of YouTube with a new season of Norm MacDonald Live.

For the last few years, MacDonald has been gathering his friends and co-workers for a casual hourly chat in a relaxed atmosphere, finding out some really personal stories and behind-the-scenes of film and television making.

Guests in the past have been Sandler, Russell BrandDavid Spade, Roseanne Barr, Martin Mull and many others.

While episodes have been spaced out and appear a bit random, the conversations MacDonald has with his guests are quite compelling, so if you’re after a new show to view online that has a relaxed atmosphere, this is a treat for you.

Norm MacDonald Live – new season starts July 25 on YouTube (free) and Amazon.

Subscribe here: http://www.YouTube.com/NormMacdonald




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