Warwick Capper’s getting personal for $30

Get the Man in the tight shorts cheap and easy… just like him.

The self-proclaimed ’80s footy legend / superstar who has top billing for the ‘Mark Of The Century’ is happy to get more personal with you, or a partner, or mate, for a low low price.

Warwick Capper, who recently got stuck in a stairwell of a hotel for 3 hours, has had a remarkable career post-AFL as:

  • Recording artist
  • Penthouse centrefold
  • Stripper
  • Lollypop man
  • Reality TV contestant
  • Actor
  • Boxer
  • “Weekend At Warwicks” host
  • Columnist
  • MC at Bucks / Parties
  • Candidate for QLD State Parliament
  • Fast food vendor
  • Wine spokesperson
  • Spokesperson for businesses for fast food, tax agent, hotels, automotive

… is now offering a one minute video message to whomever you want, for a low, low price of $30AU $60 from Monday 17th July, 2017.

So, if you can’t afford to find the extra cash to buy one of his framed ‘Mark of the Century’ signed photos to sit alongside his ‘Legends’ Shiraz, you can at least have his video on loop while playing on the big screen, in between commercial breaks during the game.

Or, even get him to sing a verse of his chart-topping hit.

Get more details by e-mailing him –

Imagine the possibilities…






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