Bill Murray watched Groundhog Day on Broadway

Bill Murray watched Groundhog Day on Broadway.


THE Bill Murray.

The star of the 1993 comedy film, directed by Harold Ramis, tells the story of TV weatherman Phil Connors, who is cynical and self-absorbed off-camera, who ends up reporting on the annual Groundhog Day festival in Punxsutawny, Pennsylvania – celebrating the town groundhog who can predict if the town gets extra weeks of winter weather – much to the bane of Phil’s existence. As his one report wraps up, he discovers he cannot leave as the main roads are snowed in, forcing Phil, his producer (Andie MacDowell) and cameraman (Chris Elliott) to stay at a hotel. But just as he starts a new day, he quickly realises he’s living in a world of deja vu and learns a life lesson or two.

While the film is a cult classic, it has been re-written for Broadway and performed at the August Wilson Theatre in New York. On Tuesday 8 August 2017, the cast and crew presented the show in their regular performance ways, but with Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray (who played the Mayor of Punxsutawny in the film) and Danny Rubin (who wrote the screenplay for the movie and book for the musical) in attendance. The NY Times were there to cover the attendance of Murray, as well as the show and atmosphere overall.


Read the full article from The NY Times here. (May be behind paywall)

Grab Groundhog Day on iTunes.




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