Good Afternoon Adelaide footage found

Long lost tapes of South Australia’s landmark magazine show have been discovered.Australian TV history lives again, thanks to YouTube.

From 1989 to 1992, Good Afternoon Adelaide was a South Australian television institution. Hosted by Jeremy Dome and high profile business identity Norman Vine, the one-hour chat show aired live across SA and into the silver city of Broken Hill weekdays at 2PM, during an era when Adelaide truly was the place to be (before Victoria stole the slogan for their number plates, along with the Formula One Grand Prix).

Good Morning Adelaide featured news, celebrity interviews, live music, talkback callers, lifestyle segments, paid advertorials and a who’s who of Adelaide royalty – with ratings success.

Eventually, the show became victim of increased networkisation from the eastern states and was cancelled in 1992. As a final insult, the station’s master tapes were later sold and used for episodes of Wheel of Fortune.  However, just like ABC’s music show Countdown, very few recordings of the show still exist today.

However, one was recently uncovered by an anonymous archivist and some random segments uploaded to YouTube, for South Australia to enjoy with while sipping their Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee.

RIP Good Afternoon Adelaide.

For any future clip releases, subscribe to Good Afternoon Adelaide’s YouTube Channel, and share vivid memories with other GAA fans on their Facebook memorial page.




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