Watch: Scumbus (2012)

All aboard the Scumbus.

Friend of the Working Dog tribe, radio announcer and fast-food product pusher Ed Kavalee has a credible fan base, since his failed paneling work on the radio show Get This (2006-2007) with comedian Tony Martin on Triple M.

An actor who is passionate for film, television and sports, Kavalee wrote and self-financed his first film, which follows the story of two police constables – Tommy and Jessie (Toby Truslove) who, after crashing their patrol car, are demoted to the “Scumbus” – dealing with the scum of the streets. All while Tommy does everything by the book and dealing with his crush on fellow detective, Amy (Samantha Tolj) and Jessie is a bit more party animal and carefree. While working the Scumbus, the duo have to deal with disgruntled co-workers (Tony Martin), criminals (Lachy Hulme), sleazy street walkers (Ash Williams) and possibly corrupt head honchos (Glenn Robbins).

While Scumbus has been screened late at night a few times on Channel 10 since 2012, it’s never had a commercial release on iTunes or DVD. So Kavalee has thrown his film on his YouTube channel for free.




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