Calm your farm watching sheep for 8 hours

This is taking the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep to the extreme.

In today’s current day climate, the everyday lifestyle is living and breathing technology of all sorts with all eyes on our phones / tablets / laptops / televisions. This results in addiction and sleepless nights for many.

Every other day, Specialists from all medical backgrounds tell the general public to put down said technologies or increase risks of heart diseases, stress and various ill-fitting stuff that will affect your health.

One of these issues you can have is restlessness and unable to “turn off your brain”. So while you try and distract yourself listening to talkback radio, reading War & Peace, or watching some trashy reality TV series, you could always do the old fashioned way of counting sleep.

The people behind Calm.com have come up with an ingenious way of counting said sheep, while using your electronic device – just in case you refuse to admit you’re addicted to it.

Welcome to Baa Baa Land.

Calm claims:

In a world of constant stress and information overload, of anxious days and restless nights … comes the chance at last … to pause … to breathe … to calm our racing minds and fretful souls… to sit and stare … at sheep.

If you’re ready to embrace eight whole hours of watching sheep in a paddock moving around in slow motion, click through to here and have your pillow and blanket ready.



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