Trailer: The Disaster Artist

Oh hai trailer!

The much hyped film from the desk of James Franco is tearing the internets apart.

The Disaster Artist has been a developing project for years, tapping into the cult following of the bad film fans.

Franco plays director / writer / actor / egomaniac Tommy Wiseau, who out of his right mind, writes and produces his own film The Room, in 2003.

But The Room is not your average flick.

Based on the same name of the book released by The Room star Greg Sestero, The Disaster Artist tells the story on how this ‘film’ managed to get off the ground.

With a budget of around $6 million, Wiseau wants to create the ultimate movie with his “creative” vision. He manages to scrape together a cast who – at the time of how unaware how bad the script is – recruits Greg Sestero (James’ real life brother Dave Franco) and Juliette Danielle (Ari Graynor) to play his supporting stars Mark and Lisa to his own main character Johnny. But, with a lack of professional vision, terrible scripts and huge plotholes, bad acting, shoddy sets, and a shitload of green screen, The Room ends up being a major flop on the silver screen, but a major cult following to the home audience.

Along with a supporting cast of Seth Rogen as script supervisor Sandy Schklair, Josh Hutcherson as Philip Haldiman playing The Room’s Denny, and Jacki Weaver as Carolyn Minnott playing The Room’s ‘cancer ridden’ Claudette – as well as cameos galore – The Disaster Artist is going to be a huge hit, especially as it has received rave reviews after screening at South by Southwest and the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Disaster Artist – in cinemas November 30, 2017.

If you cannot wait that long, read the eBook – The Disaster Artist – by Greg Sestero – iTunes.

Or grab the actual movie DVD of The Room from Amazon.



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