McLeod and his Daughters hit a Drought

Not that I watched the show, but McLeod’s Daughters have faced the chopping block at Channel 9 and will not be renewed after the 8th season. Channel 9 CEO David Gyngell has not said the reasons why, but praised the show for becoming an iconic show for the channel. Watch their timeslot for cheap American […]


WGA Casualties

WOW – I’m all for the WGA strike that’s going on in dreamland at the moment… but I didn’t know it was going to severely impact my favourite shows! You’ll be surprised what shows will only get 1/2 a season due to the protest. Scrubs is a likely casualty 🙁 To see which shows have […]

Music TV

Especially for you… again

Kylie Mole and Jason Domino… I mean Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan are reuniting again for a one-off sketch special for UK’s ITV. The sketch is Kylie approaching Jason for what he thinks is an autograph for a fan, then Kylie reminds him that they used to date 20 years ago. Or something like that. […]